Do you feel sick and tired? Read this article about your “surge capacity”.

Self care for social workers – listen to the podcast on The Social Work Podcast – you can link to the page by clicking here.

In The New Social Worker, Smullens talks about burn-out and the importance of self-care in our profession. This is a must-read article for every social worker – link to the article here.

Resources for healthcare workers struggling with their own mental health – find it here.

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Thank you, social workers. We are clapping for you. See more here.

The Social Work Tutor provide us with 5 steps to protect ourselves against Corona virus – read about it here.

Dr. Nicola Cogen provides 10 tips to help people protect their mental health in the time of Corona virus. One that stands out is maintaining social connections with family and friends to reduce isolation. Read the rest here.

Goodtherapy reminds us that everyone needs help from time to time – therapists included. Social workers are often so focused on helping others that it can be difficult to recognise when they need help themselves, and even more difficult to ask for help. Read more about it here.

Self care is more important than ever. As social service professionals we may be tempted to downplay our self care during this pandemic, but it is actually more important than ever, says Dr. Grise-Owens. Read more about it here.

The University of Buffalo, School of Social Work provides some excellent resources and ideas for self-care for social workers. Link to their website by clicking here.