If you are aware of organisations, projects or services providers providing free services in South Africa to the public or health care providers during the Corona virus pandemic, please e-mail us (socialworkhub.sa@gmail.com) and we will post it here.

SAKUMA Relief Programme can provide financial aid for sole proprietors who are negatively impacted by the COVID19, provided businesses meet the requirements. Here is a link to the programme.

The Oppenheimers’ R1 billion fund for businesses impacted by COVID19 is also now available – here is a link to an article explaining how the funding works.

For ALL Netcare employees 24/7 access to mental health via ICAS: dial 134212# to request ICAS to call them back or call their toll free number: 0800 611 036.

Anybody with MPS as medical insurance may use services of ICAS too.
Toll free nr: 080 099 9050. They will ask your MPS membership number.

For all medical practitioners during covid-19 pro bono mental health related to trauma:

National Medical Frontline Counselling 24- hour Hotline ( WhatsApp): 0795137015

Pro bono psycho-therapy for any frontline medical practitioner: email Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA)on wellbeingforall@psyssa.com

Mental health assistance for anybody:
SADAG ( South African depression and Anxiety (24 hour): 0800 456 789( tel); 31393 (sms)
SADAG suicide crisis line (24hour): 0800 567 567
SADAG ( WhatsApp support): 076 882 2775
Lifeline Crisis (24hour): 0861 322 322
Lifeline Counseling ( WhatsApp): 065 989 9238
Gift of the Givers toll-free care-line: 0800 786 786
Substance Use & Abuse hotline: 0800 121 314